The MBPL Hybrid boiler combines the benefits of a water tube furnace along with a multipass firetube steaming chamber. This results into higher heat transfer area, hence increasing efficiency as compared to conventional solid fuel fired steam boilers. High efficiency is achieved by properly utilizing the fuels radiant heat in the water cooled furnace and the shell type steaming chamber. 

The MBPL Hybrid series units are built in accordance with the stringent Indian Boiler Regulations. Each unit is independently tested and inspected by the boiler inspector in various stages, which ensures a good quality product. Various fuels can be burnt in the Hybrid series units, like coal, wood agrowastes, rice husk & saw dust. It can also be used to fire various gaseous and liquid fuels. 

Salient Features of the MBPL HYBRID – Smoke Cum Water Tube Steam Boilers are

  • Reliable & robust construction
  • Large furnace volume for high combustion efficiency
  • Low heat release rates
  • Available with manual as well as automatic firing options for various fuels
  • Easy to operate and maintain
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